One of the core principles of AAGATH's philosophy is that good life starts at home.
We combine excellent craftsmanship and premium materials to make beautiful pieces that will help you lead a beautiful life.
We have a proud portfolio of products created with no compromises.
Our products are made to represent timeless style and ever-lasting quality.

natural materials

We strive to make your home entirely personal.
So we use only the finest natural materials, that help you live better, naturally.

high quality

Our combined expert craftsmanship and superior materials result in high-quality homeware
that you only have to buy once, and will last you forever.

timeless designs

We believe your home is an extension of your personal style.
Our driving design principle is to create forms that transcend fads or trends and are timeless.

our packagings

We upkeep the same high standard for our packaging as we do to our products.
We aim to minimise plastic use, and therefore we only use FSC certified paper and cardboard - it means it's sustainably obtained from trees that are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally.